Dealdash Auction Review

One of the emerging penny auction websites is Dealdash ( In this review we will take a look at all of the important aspects of the site, explain how it works, and explore some of the cool features that Deal Dash offers you as a deal hunter. What you will find is that this penny auction has earned it’s spot as one of the top 3 overall best penny auctions.

Dealdash Review: How It Works works like a typical penny auction site. We are assuming you do know exactly what a penny auction is, and Deal Dash follows the 1 cent starting method with prices going up by a penny with each pre-bought bid that you have bought. If you are completely new to the scene, first catch up and read our article entitled “How Penny Auctions Work“.

Yes, to participate in Dealdash auctions you first have to buy bids ahead of time, that you will use in the auctions trying to be the last person to bid before the timer runs out. Additional time is added for each bid, so lots of strategy comes into play.

So does Dealdash work? Yes! You need to use your bids wisely because the better you do so, the cheaper you will get your auction wins, it’s very simple.

Dealdash Review: Is it legit or a scam?

It gets a bit tiring when people ask is Dealdash a scam.. it’s because so many penny auctions have not been great in the past, it’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water. This is one of the more easy sites to get great deals on.

Dealdash Complaints?: Do you have any complaints or issues about that you would like to discuss? You can always put something like that in the comment section as well, and we always invite representatives of the companies to answer your queries or concerns.

Dealdash Legitimate?: This is a legitimate penny auction site that employs many people and is not some fly by night small operation.

You can add your own Dealdash auction reviews in the comments section below, it’s updated weekly. Please only write a review if you have actually tried the auction site, and tell us about your unique experience. Don’t ask questions that can be better answered in the support section of, but feel free to ask community members about their experience or specific things.

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